From kids playing on the dusty ovals of country Queensland, to the backs of World Cup Champions, experience is what counts most. 

CAST IRON SPORTS has that experience and whatever what your team's ability, you deserve quality apparel. 

We have a full range of on and off-field garments, and our emphasis is centered not on only high quality products, but garments that also look damn good, whether that be fully customised sublimated apparel, or the best cut/sew knitted fabrics.

We operate an office in Hong Kong, and a fully equiped design studio and showroom on the ground in China, so we stay in constant contact with our nearby factories.

Contact to benefit from our 15 years of experience designing and outfitting the world's top sports teams for game day, in all forms of Rugby League and Rugby Union, Ice Hockey, Touch Football, Soccer, Cricket, AFL, Motocross, Schoolwear and lots more. 

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