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Pro Fit Jerseys are the best we've got.

Featuring lycra panels under the arms and neck, the fit is tight, meaning no jersey slings, leaving you only to worry about your next palm off.  Add the sharp looking collar, piping to the body and taping at the sleeve and waist this garment also looks damn good.
Slim Fit Jerseys.  Good jerseys don't have to be skin tight.

This garment is not designed to be super tight, but it still looks and feels good whether you are built bigger around the chest, or if your bulk is more around the waist.  With raglan sleeves, and taping across the seams, sleeves and waist ends, it's a sharp all round jersey.
Loose Fit Jerseys, for amateur players.

When the game style is more about the camaraderie after the game, then this casual jersey maybe more the style you're looking for.  The fit is more flattering to the less mobile players, and leaves room to move for the kids still growing.  Also great for off field supporters jerseys.  Features taping to the sleeve and waist.
Rugby Union & Rugby League Jerseys
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Custom Rugby jerseys, fully sublimated and individually designed to your exact specifications. Pricing from $22 including delivery to Australia.  Discounts for large orders.